3.2 System of Arrangement (Added Value)

Purpose and Scope

This element describes the current organization of the collection.


3.2.1 For information about other aspects of the arrangement of the materials, such as maintenance/reconstitution of original order, arrangement by the archivist, or previous arrangements or reorganization(s) by the creator, if known and important to the understanding of the materials, see Rule 7.1.8.

Sources of Information

3.2.2 Derive the information from the materials themselves.

General Rules

3.2.3 Describe the current arrangement of the material in terms of the various aggregations within it and their relationships.

Arranged in 5 series: 1. Subject files concerning refugee issues, 1978-1997. 2. Project Ngoc organizational files, 1987-1997. 3. Visual and audiovisual materials, 1985-1997. 4. Artwork, 1987-1997. 5. Newspaper clippings, 1980-1998.

The records are arranged in five series, three of which have been further arranged in subseries. The contents of each series or subseries are arranged alphabetically, with the exception of Series 1, Subseries 1, which is arranged hierarchically to reflect the organizational structure of the AAIA. The series and subseries arrangement of the records is as follows:

Series 1, Organizational Files,1922-1995

Subseries 1, Administration, 1923-1994

Subseries 2, Affiliates and Offices, 1922-1964

Subseries 3, Correspondence, 1929-1995

Subseries 4, Finances, 1933-1995

Series 2, Subject Files, 1851-1995

Subseries 1, General, 1868-1995

Subseries 2, Tribal, 1852-1994

Subseries 3, Legislation, 1851-1994

Subseries 4, Legal Cases, 1934-1991

Subseries 5, Programs, 1927-1994

Subseries 6, Publications and Circulars, 1924-1994

Series 3, Personal Files, 1927-1991

Subseries 1, Henry S. Forbes, 1954-1981

Subseries 2, Hildegarde B. Forbes, 1927-1991

Subseries 3, Oliver La Farge, 1939-1963

Subseries 4, Corinna Lindon Smith, 1932-1965

Subseries 5, Alden Stevens, 1941-1971

Series 4, Photographs, 1928-1992

Series 5, Audiovisual Materials, 1961-1987

Arranged in two series: 1. Correspondence (chronological); 2. Professional organization files (alphabetical by organization name).

3.2.4 Optionally, give information about the system of ordering the component files or items.

Resources arranged alphabetically by subject, personal name, or corporate name.

Arrangement for a series in the William Noffke papers

Arrangement: chronological.

Arrangement for a series in the Caffery Family papers

This subseries is arranged alphabetically by the geographic location of the photograph and then by the item number assigned by the photographer.

Arrangement for a subseries in the Edward W. Cochems photographs