14.3 Nature of Relationship to Related Resources

14.3.1 Describe the nature of the relationships between the corporate body, person, or family and the related resource, for example, creator, author, subject, custodian, copyright owner, controller, owner. Where possible, terms should be applied from a controlled vocabulary (e.g., Resource Description and Access, Appendix I, or the MARC Code List for Relators).

Smith, G. Hubert, 1908- (entity described in archival authority record) <resourceRelation resourceRelationType="creatorOf" xlink:role="archivalRecords"><relationEntry>G. Hubert Smith papers</relationEntry></resourceRelation>

EAC-CPF encoding in which the value for the resourceRelationType attribute indicates that the entity described in the authority record, G. Hubert Smith, is the creator of the related resource.