5.2 Immediate Source of Acquisition (Added Value)

Purpose and Scope

This element identifies the source from which the repository directly acquired the materials being described, as well as the date of acquisition, the method of acquisition, and other relevant information.

Commentary: The immediate source of acquisition is the person or organization from which the materials being described were acquired through donation, purchase, or transfer. Because some information relating to acquisitions may be considered confidential, each institution must establish a consistent policy to determine the information to be included in publicly available descriptive records.


5.2.1 Record information about changes of ownership or custody of the materials being described that do not involve direct acquisition by the repository and that are significant for its authenticity, integrity, and interpretation in the Custodial History Element (5.1).

Sources of information

5.2.2 Take the information from transfer documents such as deeds of gift.

General Rules

5.2.3 Record the source(s) from which the materials being described were acquired, the date(s) of acquisition, and the method of acquisition, if this information if not confidential.

Received from Charles Edward Eaton, Chapel Hill, N.C., in a number of installments beginning in 1977.

Gifts, 1962-1963.

5.2.4 Optionally, record the source/donor’s relationship to the materials, and any other information considered relevant (e.g., address of the source/donor, agent, price, source of funding), if this information is not confidential.

The Yale University Library acquired the Whitney Papers through gifts in 1941 and 1953 from Eli Whitney's great-granddaughters, Susan Brewster Whitney, Elizabeth Fay Whitney, Henrietta Edwards Whitney Sanford, Anne Farnam Whitney Debevoise, and Frances Pierrepont Whitney Knight.

Identifying Numbers

5.2.5 Optionally, record identifying number(s) of the acquisitions, such as an accession number or reference code.

This collection was donated by the Michigan Organization for Human Rights in May 1983; material was added in February and September 1994. The Robert Lundy files were added in 1998. Donor no. 6933.

Gift and purchase, 1996 (G10669, R13821).