5.4 Accruals (Added Value)

Purpose and Scope

This element informs the user of anticipated additions to the unit being described. An accrual is an acquisition of archival materials additional to that already in the custody of the repository.

Sources of Information

5.4.1 Take the information from donor agreements, records schedules, and institutional policy.

General Rules

5.4.2 If known, indicate whether or not further accruals are expected. When appropriate, indicate frequency and volume.

Further accruals are expected.

No further accruals are expected.

The repository continues to add materials to this collection on a regular basis.

Records from the Office of the Protocol and Ceremonials are transferred to the archives five years following the academic year to which the records relate. On average, 1 linear foot of records is transferred to the archives annually on August 1.

Since 1964, approximately fifty maps have been transferred to the archives on an annual basis.

Files older than ten years are transferred in accordance with the records retention schedule for the Department of Housing.