6.1 Existence and Location of Originals (Added Value)

Purpose and Scope

This element indicates the existence, location, and availability of originals when the materials being described consist of copies and the originals are not held by the repository.


6.1.1 If the repository owns both the original(s) and a copy or copies, record information about the copy or copies in the Existence and Location of Copies Element (6.2).

6.1.2 If the originals have been destroyed, record information about the destruction of materials in the Appraisal, Destruction, and Scheduling Information Element (5.3).

Sources of Information

6.1.3 Take the information from a reliable source, such as the materials themselves, transfer documents, records from other repositories, and so on.

General Rules

6.1.4 If the materials being described are reproductions and the originals are located elsewhere, give the location of the originals.

Originals are in the Minnesota Historical Society.

Original letters in the collection of the Watkinson Library, Trinity College, Hartford, CT.

6.1.5 Optionally, record the address and other contact information for the individual or institution holding the originals, if it is not confidential.

6.1.6 Record any identifying numbers that may help in locating the originals in the cited location.

Original diaries in the James Francis Thaddeus O'Connor Diaries and Correspondence (BANC MSS C-B 549), The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-6000.

6.1.7 Optionally, if the location of the originals is unknown, record that information.

Location of the original is unknown.