4.1 Conditions Governing Access (Required)

Purpose and Scope

This element provides information about access restrictions due to the nature of the information in the materials being described, such as those imposed by the donor, by the repository, or by statutory/regulatory requirements.

Commentary: In many cases it will be necessary or desirable to provide a very succinct statement regarding access restrictions rather than a lengthy explanation. This would particularly be the case for a MARC 21 record when restrictions are complex or likely to change over time.


4.1.1 Record any physical conditions affecting the use of the materials being described in the Physical Access Element (4.2).

4.1.2 Record any technical requirements affecting the use of the materials being described in the Technical Access Element (4.3).

4.1.3 Record any restrictions governing reproduction, publication, or other uses after access is given in the Conditions Governing Reproduction and Use Element (4.4).

Sources of Information

4.1.4 Derive the information from a reliable source, such as donor agreements, statutes, and regulations and repository policies.

General Rules

4.1.5 Give information about any restrictions on access to the unit being described (or parts thereof) as a result of the nature of the information therein or statutory/contractual requirements. As appropriate, specify the details of the restriction, including the length of the period of closure or the date when it will be lifted; the authority that imposed and enforces the conditions governing access; contact information for the person or office to whom the restriction may be appealed; authorized users; and so on. If there are no restrictions, state that fact.

The collection is open for research use.

Records are closed, per agreement with the creating office, for fifteen years after the date of their creation unless otherwise stated.

Researchers must receive prior written permission to use the collection from the Trustees of the Kenneth Winslow Charitable Remainder Unitrust. The collection is partially processed. Please contact Special Collections for more information.

The records of the president contain personnel and student academic records that are restricted in accordance with university policy and applicable law. Restrictions, where applicable, are noted at the series, subseries, or file levels. In addition, this record group has the following unique restrictions:

*Files of a president, while still in office, are restricted.

*Once a president has left office, files more than ten years old are open to researchers; those less than ten years old are restricted.

For records of the president added to the record group after 1 January 2001, the restriction is twenty years from the date of accession in accordance with the University's policy on the records of executive officers, deans, directors, and their support offices. Records in this category are identified with an "ER restricted" note.

Only electronic records more than five years old may be used by researchers.

All student records in this series are subject to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) restrictions of seventy-five years from the date of creation of the record.

Access to files containing information on University personnel matters is restricted for fifty years from the latest date of the materials in those files. Access to student records is restricted for seventy-five years from the latest date of the records in those files. Restrictions are noted at the file level.

Access to correspondence in this file is restricted until 2020.

4.1.6 Alternatively, simply indicate the fact of restriction.

Access is restricted; consult repository for details.