4.2 Physical Access (Added Value)

Purpose and Scope

This element provides information about access restrictions due to any physical characteristics or storage locations that limit, restrict, delay, or otherwise affect access to the materials being described. Such restrictions may include:

  • Location (e.g., offsite, cold storage)
  • Physical condition of the material that limits use
  • Requirement to use copies instead of originals for preservation reasons


4.2.1 Record any access restrictions due to the nature of the information in the Conditions Governing Access Element (4.1).

4.2.2 Record any technical requirements affecting the use of the materials being described in the Technical Access Element (4.3).

4.2.3 Record any restrictions governing reproduction, publication, or other uses after access is given in the Conditions Governing Reproduction and Use Element (4.4).

Sources of Information

4.2.4 Derive the information from the materials themselves and repository policy.

General Rules

4.2.5 Provide information about the physical characteristics or condition of the unit being described that limit access to it or restrict its use.

Records are heavily foxed.

Some of the letters in this series are illegible due to water damage.

The majority of the materials in this file are torn along edges and folds.

Emulsion flaking.

Recorded with a constant audible hum.

4.2.6 Provide information about the location of the unit being described, if that location affects access to it.

The audio cassettes are located in cold vault storage and must be acclimated before delivery to the research room.

Forty-eight hours' advance notice is required for access because materials are stored offsite.

4.2.7 If the original materials may not be used at all for preservation reasons, provide information about the reasons and the availability of reproductions.

As a preservation measure, researchers must view the reference set of color slide reproductions of the posters in this collection rather than the originals.

Originals not available due to fragility. Use microfilm copy.

This film reel has shrunk and may not be viewed.