11.3 Places

11.3.1 Record the name of the place(s) or jurisdiction(s) associated with the entity being described. Record the place-name in the form prescribed in appropriate companion standards (such as RDA), or as provided in controlled vocabularies (such as the Library of Congress Name Authority File or the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names). Indicate by codes or by text the nature and covering dates (as described in rules 11.1.1–11.1.6) of the relationship with the entity, as appropriate.

370 bb $e Paris, France $s 1776 $t 1785


<placeEntry>New York, N.Y.</placeEntry>



<fromDate standardDate="1776-03">1776 March</fromDate>

<toDate standardDate="1776-08">1776 August</toDate>



Baltimore, Md.

11.3.2 For persons, as appropriate, record the names of place of birth, place of death, associated country(ies), and place(s) of residence, where known.

Salt Lake City, Utah (place of birth)

Montpelier Station, Va. (place of death)

Brazil (associated country)

Juneau, Alaska (place of residence)

11.3.3 For families, as appropriate, record the name(s) of place(s) where a family resides or has resided or has some connection, where known.

Jamestown, Wash. (place of residence)

Sydney, N.S.W. (place of residence)

11.3.4 For corporate bodies, as appropriate, record names of place of incorporation, location of headquarters, location of conference, or name of jurisdiction, where known.

London, England (place of incorporation)

Washington County, Kan. (location of headquarters)

Vancouver, B.C. (place of conference)

United States (name of jurisdiction)