11.5 Functions, Occupations, and Activities

11.5.1 Record the functions, occupations, and activities performed by the entity being described, with associated dates as useful. Where possible, terms should be applied from a controlled vocabulary. Dates should be recorded as described in rules 11.1.1–11.1.6.

11.5.2 For persons, record terms to describe the occupations or activities in which the entity has been engaged.

Artists (occupation; from Index terms for Occupations in Archival and Manuscript Collections)

Farmers' spouses (occupation; from Register of Australian Archives and Manuscripts Occupation Thesaurus)

11.5.3 For corporate bodies, record terms to describe the functions performed by the entity.

Structural analysis (function; from Art & Architecture Thesaurus)

Zoning (function; from Art & Architecture Thesaurus)