11.8. Example Description of the Person, Family, or Corporate Body Area of an Archival Authority Record

Dates of Existence (11.1.2): 1742 November 12-1802 December 27

Historical Summary (11.2.1):

Thomas Cadell was born in Bristol on 12 November 1742 but spent most of his life in London. When Cadell was fifteen, his father sent him to be an apprentice to Andrew Millar (1707-1768), a well-regarded publisher and bookseller who had supported the publication of Samuel Johnson's Dictionary. After seven years, Cadell became a partner in the business and finally took it over when Millar retired in 1767. His clients and friends were among the most influential literary and intellectual figures of the eighteenth century and included Fanny Burney (1752-1840), Robert Burns (1759-1796), David Hume (1711-1776), Samuel Johnson (1709-1784), Hannah More (1745-1833), Adam Smith (1723-1790), and Tobias Smollett (1721-1771). When Cadell retired in 1793, he gave his business to his son, Thomas Cadell (1773-1836) and his former assistant, William Davies (d. 1820). Before his death from an asthma attack in 1802, he enjoyed an active retirement, fulfilling many charitable and public positions, including governor of the Foundling Hospital and sheriff in the Walbrook ward of London.

Places (11.3.2):

Born: Bristol (England)

Lived: London (England)

Functions, Occupations, Activities (11.5.2):




Note that elements 11.4: Legal Status, 11.6: Mandates/Source of Authority, and 11.7: Internal Structure/Genealogy are not applicable in this example.

For an example archival authority record showing all five areas, see page 134–136 .