13.1 Repository Code

13.1.1 Provide a repository code for the institution creating the authority record. Use the repository codes assigned by the national organization responsible for assigning and maintaining repository identifiers or appropriate international repository identifiers.1

MnHi (Repository code for the Minnesota Historical Society assigned by the Library of Congress in the MARC Code List for Organizations)

OCLC-MHS (International Standard Identifier for Libraries [ISIL] identifier for Minnesota Historical Society

[1] The Library of Congress is responsible for assigning repository codes and maintaining the list of assigned codes in the United States. National repository codes are constructed using the latest version of ISO 15511 (International Standard identifier for libraries and related organizations). Repositories may also wish to include an International Standard Identifier for Libraries or ISIL code. ISILs are a unique identifier issued by the ISIL Agency to create an identifier to enable unique identification of a library or related institution. An ISIL is made up by two components: a prefix and a library identifier, in that order, separated by a mandatory hyphen. An OCLC symbol can be rendered as ISIL by the addition of the prefix “OCLC” or “O” for technical encoding in cases such as RFID tags.