13.9 Maintenance Information

13.9.1 Record the name(s) of the person(s) who prepared or revised the authority record and any other information pertinent to its creation or maintenance.

Biographical data assembled by Lael Ramaley.

Occupations revised by Lina Bountouri.

Created by M. K. K. Yearl

Example Authority Record Management Area of an Archival Authority Record

Repository Code (13.1.1): US-CtY-BR

Authority Record Identifier (13.2.1): beinecke.j0zpcks

Rules or Conventions (13.3.1, 13.3.2): Records were created following DACS conventions.

Status (13.4.2): Authority record is finalized.

Level of Detail (13.5.1): Full

Date(s) of Authority Record Creation and Revision (13.6.1): Created 2012 May 24

Language or Scripts (13.7.1): English, Latin

Sources (13.8.1): Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Maintenance Information (13.9.1): Created by M. K. K. Yearl

For an example archival authority record showing all five areas, see page 134–136.