13.10. Example Authority Record Management Area of an Archival Authority Record

Repository Code (13.1.1): US-CtY-BR

Authority Record Identifier (13.2.1): beinecke.j0zpcks

Rules or Conventions (13.3.1, 13.3.2): Records were created following DACS conventions.

Status (13.4.2): Authority record is finalized.

Level of Detail (13.5.1): Full

Date(s) of Authority Record Creation and Revision (13.6.1): Created 2012 May 24

Language or Scripts (13.7.1): English, Latin

Sources (13.8.1): Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Maintenance Information (13.9.1): Created by M. K. K. Yearl

For an example archival authority record showing all five areas, see page 134–136.